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VentureRx is a program intended to fully support the start-up, purchase, sale, and related transition strategies of community pharmacies. Dedicated to both the people and process involved in starting, buying and selling, VentureRx empowers pharmacy owners to shape the future of their business.

In addition to financial services, pharmacists seeking assistance are also offered store branding, marketing, merchandising, managed care and full front-of-store designs and programs to help create a strong foundation to a successful business. Pharmacists interested in this transitional assistance program will be able to select from a variety of solutions based on their individual needs. 

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Selling a Pharmacy

Who will carry on your legacy? How will you find the right buyer? How do you prepare your business to sell?  Who will take care of your patients and employees? How much is your pharmacy worth?

Selling your pharmacy comes with tough questions and big decisions.

And getting this right takes care of the rest of your life. 

Your legacy deserves personalized attention and industry expertise to make sure your goals are met and your patients are left in good hands.

VentureRx will help you tackle the big decisions that come with selling your pharmacy with step-by-step support that’s honest, fair and thorough.

Remove the guesswork and headache of selling on your own, and let VentureRx can guide you through a seamless transition so your time remains with your patients, where it matters most.

  • Free Estimate: Meet with VentureRx for your free, confidential pharmacy value estimate. We’ll review your financials, revenue, inventory, net profit and script counts and provide insight on the current market value of your business.
  • Succession Planning: Confidentially discuss your succession plan and transition strategy.
  • Buyer Matching: Customized matching from a leading portfolio of financially-qualified buyers who share your vision and standard of quality care. VentureRx helps keep your pharmacy proudly independent by only matching you with independent pharmacy buyers. 

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Buying a Pharmacy

How do you find the right pharmacy? Who will help you get financing?  Where’s the best location? How can you make sure it’s a good investment?

Buying a pharmacy is no small feat.

It’s one of the biggest investments of your career, and it deserves a trusted partner with industry expertise and unmatched resources.

VentureRx will walk with you through every stage of the transaction to ensure an easy and seamless buying process and sound investment.

  • Free Consultation: Meet with VentureRx for a free consultation to outline your goals and timeline.
  • Research: Choose from a leading portfolio of quality pharmacies for sale to determine your ideal purchase opportunity based on:
    • Financial health & potential
    • Location
    • Competitive environment
    • Costs
    • Patient base
  • Finance: Identify various financing options and partners dedicated to helping independent pharmacy buyers succeed.
  • Attain: Work with VentureRx for purchasing guidance and assistance.
  • Partner: Collaborate with H. D. Smith, the largest, independent pharmaceutical wholesaler, on a wholesale contract that’s suited specifically for your business needs.

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Expanding Your Pharmacy

How will you get financing? What makes a good location? How do you develop and maintain a successful practice?

Successfully growing your business can be a daunting task.

VentureRx has the expertise and resources to ensure you make a well-informed decision and a smart investment.

From location research to financial recommendations and business plan development, VentureRx will guide you every step of the way to make sure your dream of pharmacy ownership becomes an attainable, successful reality. 

  • Free Consultation: Meet with VentureRx for a free consultation to outline your goals and timeline.
  • Research: Find your ideal opportunity based on:
    • Population demographics
    • Location
    • Competitive environment
    • Costs of doing business
  • Finance: Review various financing options tailored to independent pharmacy buyers.
  • Attain: Work with VentureRx for purchasing guidance and assistance.
  • Partner: Collaborate with H. D. Smith, the largest, independent pharmaceutical wholesaler, on a wholesale contract that’s suited specifically for your business needs.

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Starting a New Pharmacy

What programs do you need? How do you set up your store? How do you create a business plan?

Ensuring your new start-up begins on the right foot is critical to long-term profitability.

VentureRx is the partner to get you there with a unique package of essential programs and services offered free for optimal success in your first year of business.

Choose the programs that will most benefit your new pharmacy and help meet your business goals – both short and long term.  


  • Digital Marketing: complete digital marketing solution including branded website, social media creation and management and online prescription refills
  • Branding & Marketing: logo design, business cards, letterhead, direct mail, marketing collateral
  • Market Research: geographical market analysis and demographic research
  • Loyalty Program: drive repeat business by rewarding frequent shoppers

Store Design & Merchandising

  • Store Layout & Design: professional expertise to help create the optimal floor plan and design that maximizes your available space and appeals to your buyer
  • Hamacher Price & Plan Manager: monthly new item alerts, retail zone pricing and point-of-purchase shelf signs for 180 top-selling items across all OTC and HBW categories + strategic space management, product mix, department mapping and new item assessments
  • Merchandising: professional store set up services to ensure your shelves are stocked appropriately and items are displayed effectively
  • Front-end Marketing: effective, attention-capturing promotional tools that increase store traffic and customer loyalty, including: posters, circulars, bag stuffers, shelf talkers, end cap headers, planograms and patient health magazines.
  • Opening Inventory: interest free financial investment assistance up to $50,000

Patient Care

  • iMedicare: software that integrates with your pharmacy management system to help you compare plans, review therapeutic alternatives and gain more Medicare business
  • Ateb: medication synchronization solution enabling you to increase patient engagement, improve adherence rates and streamline operations

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Consultation Services

How do you drive script volume? What are ways to increase your margin? How can you improve patient adherence?  What does it take to improve your workflow?

As a successful business owner, you know there’s always room for improvement.

Gain the insights to propel your business into long-term success with VentureRx.

Whether you need a one-time business assessment and recommendation or a long-term strategy, VentureRx has resources that can be tailored to benefit your unique business.

  • Free Consultation: Meet with VentureRx for your free consultation to identify your business goals.
  • Research: Work with VentureRx to determine the best programs and solutions that will meet the needs and improve the performance of your pharmacy.
  • Implementation: Let VentureRx guide you through the set-up process for your new services.
  • Results: Begin to see the positive business impact of your changes and refine for continued performance and success.

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