Pharmaceutical Product Safety Programs

To ensure the veracity of the products we distribute, H. D. Smith is committed to implementing industry leading protocol for secure ordering and distribution.

H. D. Smith was one of the first wholesalers to adopt a policy of only purchasing pharmaceuticals directly from the manufacturer. We are continually collaborating with manufacturer partners on serialization initiatives to protect the supply chain for the benefit of the healthcare industry and ultimately the patients serviced.

Risk Evaluation & Mitigation Strategies 

A significant factor to a successful drug product is risk management. REMS are plans used to ensure that the benefits of a prescription drug outweigh its risk of harm to the patient and are often required for new, approved or supplemental drug and biological license applications.

Through Smith Medical Partners, H. D. Smith offers risk management services, including communication planning, reimbursement consulting, customer and physician pre-registration, a fully staffed call center and medication guide distribution. These services are designed to prevent our manufacturer partners from incurring potential significant civil monetary penalties for misbranded products and assist in streamlining the approval process.

Clinical Trial Procurement

Smith Medical Partners offers services for clinical trial needs, including reliable procurement and supply. As an authorized distributor of brand, generic and specialty pharmaceuticals, Smith Medical Partners ensures product pedigree and maintains strict confidentiality during the clinical trial procurement process.

Smith Medical Partners offers documentation tracking such as NDC number, product size, pack type, expiration date, same lot availability, certificate of analysis and certificate of compliance. Leverage Smith Medical Partners' regulatory expertise, clinical site tracking and product coordination during clinical trials for confidential and reliable product procurement.