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We know it’s tough to stack up against the marketing and merchandising budgets of big box retailers. Competing for patient attention, profit margins, front-end traffic and script volume are daily challenges for every community pharmacy. But who has time to build and implement a cost-effective marketing strategy? Let us help!

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H. D. Smith’s award-winning creative team leverages an intimate knowledge of the independent pharmacy marketplace to help you entice new and engage existing customers. Whether you’re a new store looking to make a splash or an existing store seeking more community awareness, we provide resources to meet your goals...Simply. 

Our portfolio of offerings provides a range of marketing, sales and profit enhancing tools, including:

  • Digital Marketing

    Templated Websites
    Automatic Content Refresh
    Online Prescription Refill

  • Marketing Resources

    Branding and Logo Support
    Physician Marketing 
    Branded Promotional Items

  • Incremental Sales Growth

    In Store Advertising Resources
    Retail Price Files 


Tired of getting trampled by marketing savvy, big box retailers?

Crush your competition with the #1 communication platform for independent pharmacies.  Stronger digital marketing means a stronger bottom line.

As an independent community pharmacy, you provide critical support and superior service to your patients better than your big box competitors. Your patients depend on you because you provide the level of quality care found nowhere else. Shouldn't you be able to easily reach them and quickly be found by new ones?

That’s why marketing matters.

But knowing where to be and how to reach your patients online doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Enter: Your New Website, powered by Digital Pharmacist

This feature rich, turnkey digital marketing solution is designed to make your pharmacy a visible, accessible resource for your community. It allows you to engage with your patients, offer online prescription refills, medication reminders, coupons and pharmacy news.


Did you know that 75% of patients want to manage their health via a mobile device*?

Digital Pharmacist offers a mobile responsive website and a mobile app option.


Online Marketing Made Simple

Digital Pharmacist provides:

  • Website
    • HIPAA compliant
    • Online refill
    • Custom branding
    • Mobile responsive
    • Constantly updated
  • Mobile App
    • Adherence driven
    • Co-pay coupons
    • Health news and video news
    • Refill on- the- go
    • Refill and pill reminders
    • Compounding+
  • Digital Marketing
    • Social media management
    • Social media advertising
    • E-Newsletter
    • Dashboard for analyzing patient engagement



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Powered by Digital Pharmacist.

*data from Adobe Digital Health

In-Store Ad Kit

Our monthly kit averages 80 seasonal OTC products at dramatically low prices. Promotional materials include shelf talkers, fliers, bag stuffers, posters and more!

Increase front-end sales and customer loyalty with effective promotional pieces.

Our in-store advertising kit includes colorful, attention capturing resources to position your pharmacy as an affordable and well-stocked resource. In addition, participants receive advantageous contract pricing on health, beauty and wellness products.

8 Featured Product Banners
11" x 17"

300 Color Handbills
8.5" x 11"

200 Bag Stuffers
8.5" x 5.5"

Featured Product Shelf Talkers
2.5" x 3.5"

Featured Products Order Form



Custom Imprinting

Custom imprint options are available for the handbills and bag stuffers. Imprints are black ink and can include your pharmacy’s logo, phone, fax and email. Order larger quantities for special advertising opportunities, newspaper inserts, etc.

Call 800.252.8042 x2 or email with questions.

Price & Plan Manager

Your front-end plays a vital role in keeping your store profitable, convenient and relevant. We provide merchandising, pricing and product solutions to elevate your pharmacy’s traffic and drive non-prescription sales.

Meet your consumers’ expectations and still reach your maximum margins with our strategic pricing, merchandising and product resources.

Zone Pricing

Many pharmacies settle for a default margin for front-end products and miss a large profit opportunity. Rather than slash prices and lose margin – implement a retail pricing strategy!

Zone Pricing provides market-competitive pricing tiers to get the most profit from every item, without out-pricing your consumers’ expectations. This comprehensive database provides item-specific pricing for all health, beauty and wellness categories. Four competitive price zones are provided to address varying levels of competition and specific classes of trade.

GoodSense Pricing
If you are pricing your private-label with the same mark-up as branded products, you are leaving money on the table. GoodSense maintains an average price of 30% less than brand equivalents white providing margins of 40-60%.

Price Manager

In addition to retail pricing, this program consists of monthly new item alerts, retail zone pricing and point-of-purchase shelf signs for 180 top-selling items across all OTC and HBW categories.

A complete, initial set of 180 point-of-purchase shelf signs, featuring the retail zone pricing the pharmacy has selected, is sent with the first monthly update packet. Signs are updated on a monthly basis thereafter as retail prices are modified.

Plan Manager

Work every square foot with strategic space management, product mix, department mapping and new item assessments. Featuring department planograms, retail zone pricing and point-of-purchase signage, Plan Manager is designed to build a competitive image while optimizing opportunities with every consumer who enters a store.

Plan Manager includes full color planograms for 21 HBW departments. Each department is reviewed and updated annually. Participants receive planograms, a product list of featured products, never outs and new item alerts.

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  • Among the nation’s top 10 purchasers of Generics 
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