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The healthcare marketplace is a rapidly changing environment, presenting daily opportunities and challenges. H. D. Smith has listened to the needs of community pharmacies and implemented programs to meet those needs.

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Pharmacy Supplies

Prescription Products

pharmacist holding prescription productsPrescription pharmaceuticals account for the largest percentage of community pharmacy sales. These sales are best maximized with a strategic balance of low overhead costs and maintaining a comprehensive inventory.

H. D. Smith offers a complete line of brand and generic pharmaceutical products to ensure that you can fill prescriptions efficiently while remaining competitively priced and profitable.

PharmaGen Generic Portfolio

H. D. Smith helps fulfill pharmacy needs by contracting with leading manufacturers to offer PharmaGen, our premier portfolio of quality generic pharmaceuticals. PharmaGen personnel monitor the generic market daily and partner with manufacturers to ensure PharmaGen customers have access to one of the most robust generic portfolios in the market. There is no need to order from multiple sources; PharmaGen ensures the best possible coverage, availability, quality and value on generic pharmaceuticals.

Rapid Distribution

Customers are the lifeblood of your pharmacy. Having significant, new FDA-approved pharmaceuticals in stock generates new sales, builds your customer base and increases customer loyalty. Through longstanding relationships with brand and generic manufacturers, H. D. Smith has developed QuickShip and PharmaGen Express for rapid delivery of significant new pharmaceuticals. Rapid distribution to the pharmacy shelf ensures the new product is available for dispensing when consumers arrive with their first prescriptions, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.


QuickShip facilitates the rapid distribution of significant new brand pharmaceuticals. QuickShip members benefit from the following:

  • One (1) unit of brand pharmaceutical auto-shipped to ensure product availability for patients
  • Off-invoice allowances during the introductory period
  • Extended dating over and above normal payment terms
  • Full credit for returned merchandise after 90 days of invoice date (return reminder at 60 days)
  • Information regarding the new item so the pharmacy can stay abreast of the newly available product
  • Invoice message to alert customers that the product was auto-shipped via QuickShip

PharmaGen Express

PharmaGen Express facilitates the rapid distribution of significant new generic pharmaceuticals. PharmaGen Express customers benefit from the following:

  • Up to 30 day supply auto-shipped based on brand usage history
  • Extended Dating
  • Price protection against market-driven price decreases on full auto-shipment, up to 30 day supply
  • 100% refund on unopened bottles of brand equivalent*
  • Invoice message to alert customers that the product was auto-shipped via PharmaGen Express

*100% refund upon successful launch and auto-shipment of generic equivalent. 

Inventory-Related Customer Communications

  • Promotional sales opportunities
  • Product catalogs – online and print
  • First-to-market and anticipated brand and generic launches
  • Generic exclusivity expirations
  • Market disruption alerts
  • Manufacturer recalls and backorders


We partner with our customers to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges and transform their operations.

Keeping you on the cutting edge of market developments, H. D. Smith supplies the specialty medications needed to care for chronic and acute illnesses. Specialty pharmacy is a rapidly growing opportunity for community pharmacy for which your local H. D. Smith distribution center and our subsidiary, Smith Medical Partners, are well equipped. We are capable of supplying complex treatment regimens to cover a full range of disease states.

Specialty solutions to help you care for your community:

  • Customized delivery and shipping
  • Product warehousing and logistics
  • Customer screening and registry
  • Cold chain distribution

Specialty Pharmacy Services

Exceptional customer service extends beyond delivering accurate and timely orders. Our historical presence in plasma derivatives, biologics, oncology, vaccines and other specialty products has enabled us to develop account teams that are true experts in their market segments. We understand industry trends and work proactively with you to address new product introductions, backorders and other supply developments.

Balancing vaccine supply and demand in a fluctuating market consumes valuable time and resources. We proudly carry a wide range of vaccines at competitive prices, allowing you to provide these vital specialty pharmacy services conveniently and cost effectively.

Specific to the women’s health market, we offer a wide range of family planning products, including competitive pricing on oral and injectable generic antibiotics and contraceptives, fertility treatments, pediatric and adult Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and HPV vaccines.

We distribute a complete line of blood and plasma-derived products, including coagulation factors and immunoglobulins. Maintaining accurate inventory levels of these products is challenging and expensive. Leverage our next day shipping capabilities to reduce on-hand inventory expenses.

H. D. Smith provides a comprehensive solution to your oncology needs. Regardless of pharmacy size, Our full-line of products supports oncology needs with a personalized approach and competitive pricing.

Let us help you improve access to affordable medications through our 340B eligible product line. Products include contraceptives, vaccines, nicotine replacement therapy, diabetic products, antibiotics and injectables.


Our resource network has inventory readily available to help you fill prescriptions for the following conditions:

  • Dermatology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Neurology
  • OB-GYN
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics
  • Primary Care & Internal Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Rheumatology
  • Urology
  • And more!

With a relentless passion for quality patient care, Smith Medical Partners provides lifesaving pharmaceuticals and industry experience.

A subsidiary of H. D. Smith, focused on specialty pharmaceutical distribution and services, Smith Medical Partners is equipped to supply a full range of practices with both broad and limited specialty products.

Visit or call 800.292.9653 to learn more.

Home Healthcare

pharmacist holding home healthcare productsWith one of the largest wholesale home healthcare sales and customer service force in the industry, our team is committed to offering resources that benefit your business.

Home healthcare is a fast growing and high margin segment of the healthcare industry. Our proactive team continually monitors the industry to find ways to set our customers apart. We enable you to access our robust product inventory, including special request and hard to find items. Through an interactive website, competitive pricing and dedicated service department, we strive to simplify your ordering and operations.

  • Robust product availability
  • Dedicated service and support
  • User-friendly ordering system
  • Competitive pricing and monthly specials
  • Merchandising and business resources

Print and Online Product Catalog

Featuring over 300 pages of home medical products and supplies, our catalog places a complete selection of available products in the hands of consumers, caregivers and the medical community. Available via print copies or online at, use it as a reference and ordering tool for your staff or as a way to put a virtual inventory in your customer’s hands.

  • Help your staff easily find product and vendor listings  
  • Enhance your website by hyperlinking to the catalog, free of charge
  • Capture additional sales by making a complete inventory available 

Monthly Specials Flier

Stock up each month on fast moving durable medical equipment and home healthcare products at significant savings. Through partnerships with leading home healthcare manufacturers, H. D. Smith offers fast moving products at a substantial discount and communicates them monthly through our specials flier.

Retail Guidebook

Merchandise your facility with resources typically only available to larger operations with the expertise and information found in the Retail Guidebook. Featuring market trends, demographics, planograms and market research, the Retail Guidebook will help you strategically arrange your store to capture more sales.

Diabetic Solutions

Over 23 million Americans are currently diagnosed with diabetes, making it a critical niche in the healthcare market. Partnering with H. D. Smith provides our customers access to special discounts and a comprehensive product listing. These unique advantages enable our customers to better compete with mail order and third party diabetes companies.

Nutritional Offerings

H. D. Smith offers one of the industry’s strongest offerings of vitamin and nutritional supplies. Through partnerships with Abbott Nutrition and Nestle, we extend a full line of quality nutritional products.

Consumer Products

Well stocked shelves, popular products and effective merchandising are key influences in a successful health and beauty department.

The consumer marketplace is a rapidly changing environment, presenting daily opportunities and challenges. Consumer products are an effective way of increasing front-end revenue, as convenience is the deciding factor of many consumer habits. H. D. Smith offers a complete line of consumer products and marketing tools at competitive prices, enabling retail pharmacies to increase store traffic and enhance pharmacy presence.

Profitability maximizing resources include:

  • Retail pricing tools
  • Planogram and merchandising expertise
  • Store brand product line
  • Special purchase opportunities

Price Manager

Offering competitive prices while maintaining overall profitability is a significant challenge for most retail pharmacies. To assist in finding this balance, H. D. Smith has created the Price Manager program, a professionally managed database offering item-specific retail pricing across all over the counter and health and beauty care categories. This service can be used to ensure competitive retail pricing while increasing revenue. In addition, this program offers four competitive zones based upon the level of competition in specific classes of trade.

Planogram Resources

Merchandising is a critical element of increasing sales. The Plan Manager resource features a wide variety of programs and services, including department planograms, retail zone pricing and point of purchase signage. These resources are designed to build a competitive image while optimizing opportunities with every consumer who enters a store.

Store Brand

Position your pharmacy as the budget friendly choice. H. D. Smith's controlled label product line, GoodSense, encompasses over 500 top-selling consumer products in over 15 categories. These products are retail priced at an average of 30% less than the national brand equivalents, meeting the needs of an increasingly cost conscious market.

Monthly and Seasonal Specials

Each month, retail pharmacies can stock up on fast moving health and beauty products at a discount from H. D. Smith’s everyday low prices. Discounts are negotiated from the manufacturers to allow retail pharmacies access to special pricing. Featured products are then included in a monthly consumer flier to showcase new items and promote front-end items.

Pharmacy Supplies

pharmacy suppliesSave time and money by ordering essential pharmacy supplies from H. D. Smith. We offer an extensive range of pharmacy supplies for centralized and convenient ordering.

H. D. Smith’s Pharmacy Supplies Catalog features a complete line of supporting products and materials. Customers can access exceptional pricing through our preferred supplier arrangement with ReXam, a premium line offered in all distribution centers. Value priced lines are also available to best respond to regional needs.

Available products include:

  • DME supplies
  • Growing supplies
  • Incontinence supplies
  • Moving supplies
  • OBGYN supplies
  • Oncology supplies
  • Pharmacy bags
  • Prescription containers and accessories
  • Prescription labels
  • Punch card packaging
  • Tape, accessories and more!
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