Retail Pharmacy Supplies FAQ


I believe that there is an incorrect contract price for an item. Who can I contact to verify accuracy?

H. D. Smith prides itself in offering different levels of service to our customers. You may contact your H. D. Smith Sales Representative, your local Distribution Center, or you may call the H. D. Smith Corporate Contract department at 866.388.6182.

Are there any manufacturer forms that I need to complete to access contract pricing?

In some cases, a manufacturer may require a specific form be signed. Your GPO can guide you through this enrollment process.

How do I ensure my contract pricing will be in place if I change distributors and/or GPOs?

First, notify your new GPO, who will in turn communicate with manufacturers in their contract portfolio. Also, notify your H. D. Smith Sales Representative. Your representative will ask you to complete a form to designate H. D. Smith as your wholesaler. Dependent upon the complexity and volume of your manufacturer contracts, pricing will be available within 30-60 days.

Home Healthcare

I recently signed a vendor agreement regarding diabetic test strips. How long does the pricing process take?

Timing varies with each vendor, but usually takes 2-3 weeks. Confirmation of your vendor agreement will arrive via a confirmation packet in the mail. To avoid delays:

  • Fill out the form completely and include all active HDS account numbers used to order product. 
  • If you are switching distributors, the vendor may require you to fill out another form to confirm the change. The vendor may call, fax or mail you regarding this.
I need help understanding Medicare billing. Can you help?

A comprehensive Medicare Billing Guide is available from your home healthcare sale representative or customer service team.

I need a product and can’t find it in your catalog. Can I place a special order?

We strive to make our catalog and HomeCare Connection Website as thorough as possible. For unique requests, we can help. Contact customer service for assistance with custom wheelchairs, lift chairs, scooters or other hard to find items.

Is volume pricing available?

Yes, volume pricing is available at a variable rate for your business size. We will create a program to fit your business needs, whether you are associated with a GPO or a direct vendor purchase contract.

How can I provide my referral sources with a catalog?

A custom label catalog is available to you and your referral sources. Contact your sales representative or our home healthcare customer service team for more details. You can also download this order form and fax in your order.

How can I be successful selling home healthcare products?

H. D. Smith provides knowledgeable home healthcare sales representatives to walk you through every step of the process. Additionally, H. D. Smith has compiled the "Retailing Home Healthcare Guidebook," to convey market trends, core products, planograms, referral marketing and much more! Our dedicated customer service team is available to answer any additional questions.

Information Technology

How do I get help with the H. D. Smith ordering system?

Each of the H. D. Smith ordering systems has help topics for the most common tasks. These help topics are available once you are logged into the ordering system. If you cannot find the answer in the help topics, please contact technical support at 866.210.3422.

Can H. D. Smith technical support personnel help me remotely?

Yes. The H. D. Smith technical support department can assist you remotely in several ways. We can describe how to resolve your issue on the phone or we can remotely connect to your computer to see exactly what you see on your computer. This remote help feature also allows technical support personnel to fix many issues remotely. To set up your computer for remote access, contact H. D. Smith technical support at 866.210.3422 and use your browser to go to when the technician instructs you to do so.

I have multiple people who need to use the H. D. Smith ordering system. Should each person have their own user ID and password?

For security and accountability, we recommend that each person who needs to use the H. D. Smith ordering system be provided a unique ID and password. If you need multiple login assigned to your account, please contact H. D. Smith technical support at 866.210.3422.

What are the system requirements for OrderBase Xpress?

OrderBase Xpress requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or 8.0. Other browsers are currently not supported.

What should I do if I I am having trouble logging into OrderBase Xpress?

The OrderBase Xpress ordering system requires a valid user ID and password. The user ID is not case-sensitive. However, the password is case-sensitive. Check your caps lock key before entering your user ID and password. For security, your login will automatically lock after 3 incorrect attempts and will reset after 15 minutes. If you are still having problems, please contact H. D. Smith technical support at 866.210.3422.

How do I begin utilizing the H. D. Smith ordering systems?

Your sales representative can assist you in obtaining login information and instructional materials for operating OrderBase Xpress and its related features. If you do not have login and instructional materials contact your sales representative.

Retail Solutions

When can I expect to receive my in-store advertising kit?

Materials are typically sent the last week of the month prior to the promotional dates. For example, July materials will be in the store the last week of June. This gives the pharmacy time to look at the items in the ad, place orders and make additional merchandising decisions based on the promotion. We recommend opening ad kits upon arrival to make all necessary preparations.

How do the in-store advertising materials arrive at the pharmacy?

All materials are shipped via courier with your product orders. Also included is a counter top display for the quarterly publication, Life&Wellness Magazine, to place on your pharmacy counter or patient waiting area.

How do I sign up to participate in your marketing programs?

To initiate participation, you can complete the form on Retail Solutions page.

Why is signage important to my pharmacy?

Creating a shopper friendly environment is important for any retailer. It is hard to think of any place we shop that some sort of signage that directs us to items of value and entice us to make additional purchases. We provide a service for you to implement in your store on a monthly basis to help increase product turns on your front-end inventory. Our goal is to help grow your pharmacy's front-end sales and profitability. Our monthly in-store advertising kit is a cost effective way to promote products to your customers and provide them with information on their healthcare, both are important factors consumers are looking for in their healthcare providers.

Exceptional Service

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