Pharmaceutical Wholesaler for Independent Retailers

H. D. Smith was created to be a different kind of wholesaler. One that’s driven by Main Street instead of Wall Street. As a privately held company, we know firsthand the pressures of running a business. Through industry, business and competitive challenges, we’ll be here to serve you.

Full-Line Wholesale Services

  • Prescription Products

    Prescription Products

    Prescription pharmaceuticals account for the largest percentage of community pharmacy sales. These sales are best maximized with a strategic balance…

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  • Home Healthcare

    Home Healthcare

    With one of the largest wholesale home healthcare sales and customer service force in the industry, our team is committed…

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  • Consumer Products

    Consumer Products

    Well stocked shelves, popular products and effective merchandising are key influences in a successful health and beauty department.…

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  • Pharmacy Supplies

    Pharmacy Supplies

    Save time and money by ordering essential pharmacy supplies from H. D. Smith. We offer an extensive range…

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  • Extraordinary Service

    Jenny Dowhower, Pharmacy Buyer
    Schneck Medical Center
    Seymour, IN
    H. D. Smith customer for 62 years

    “Our sales specialist has always gone above and beyond with our annual inventory process, but this week she went even higher. We have recently gone 340B, and she has helped keep my anxiety down and has been with us physically and on teleconferences. She's the best!”

    November 8, 2016

  • Exceptional Service

    Alennis Rivero, Pharmacy Tech
    Steven's Rx LLC
    Miami, FL
    H. D. Smith customer for 4 years

    “All I can say is that I have great sales reps that provide nothing but the best to their customers. The accounting department is also great and always helping customers get the best possible service”

    November 4, 2016

  • Excellent!

    Les Williams
    Terry's Family Pharmacy
    Verona, NJ
    H. D. Smith customer for 32 years

    “We always receive an accurate delivery. There is never a shortage, and no question, there is never a mistake in the pick. The return system is the best, and again, no question how it works. Credits are also given so fast.”

    February 3, 2017

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How do I begin utilizing the H. D. Smith ordering systems?

Your sales representative can assist you in obtaining login information and instructional materials for operating OrderBase Xpress and its related features. If you do not have login and instructional materials contact your sales representative.

How do I ensure my contract pricing will be in place if I change distributors and/or GPOs?

First, notify your new GPO, who will in turn communicate with manufacturers in their contract portfolio. Also, notify your H. D. Smith Sales Representative. Your representative will ask you to complete a form to designate H. D. Smith as your wholesaler. Dependent upon the complexity and volume of your manufacturer contracts, pricing will be available within 30-60 days.

How do I sign up to participate in your marketing programs?

To initiate participation, you can complete the form on Retail Solutions page.

How can I be successful selling home healthcare products?

H. D. Smith provides knowledgeable home healthcare sales representatives to walk you through every step of the process. Additionally, H. D. Smith has compiled the "Retailing Home Healthcare Guidebook," to convey market trends, core products, planograms, referral marketing and much more! Our dedicated customer service team is available to answer any additional questions.

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  • Dannys Drugs

    Customer Spotlight

    “Customer service has always been wonderful – I speak to the same people every time who know me by name. I’ve never had a question or complaint that hasn’t been resolved in a reasonable amount of time.” - Kevin Sexton, PharmD, Co-owner, Danny’s Drugs 

    Danny's Drugs knows how to stand out and make an impact in its community. 

    Learn how it took the right business deal with a personal touch to solidify this rewarding partnership.

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