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For independent pharmacies, specialty distribution promises to be a significant revenue stream in the coming years.

Specialty distribution is continually expanding, and spending on specialty pharmaceutical products is expected to account for half of all pharmaceutical spending in the U.S. within 10 years. With strong connections to the community and a reputation for excellent customer service, independent pharmacies are perfectly positioned to stake out significant market share in speciality pharmacy distribution.

The stakes in specialty distribution are high – both for patients and for independent pharmacies. Specialty medicines are often developed to treat chronic diseases; many require special handling and involve complex treatment regimens. Independent pharmacies can fulfill their mission by making these life-changing and life-saving medicines readily available to patients and their community. And by focusing on a product area that promises larger profit margins, independents can continue to compete effectively with the big box chains.

The key to profitability in specialty drug distribution is finding the right provider. That’s where H. D. Smith can help.

H. D. Smith: specialty distribution for independent pharmacies.

H. D. Smith has provided products and services to independent pharmacies for more than 60 years. We believe that the quality of care provided through independents is superior to big box chains and mail order services. By supporting the success of community pharmacies, we help to provide higher quality care to patients across the country.

To enable independent pharmacies to serve customers and increase profitability with specialty medicines, we offer highly competitive pricing and exceptional customer service on specialty pharmaceutical distribution. Our account teams have developed deep expertise in their market segments, having worked with plasma derivatives, oncology medicines, biologics and vaccines for many years. Our knowledge of the industry and understanding of the challenges of managing supply in specialty distribution enables us to work with our independent partners to ensure timely orders and accurate deliveries, and to handle new product introductions and backorders more effectively.

Our specialty distribution inventory.

We provide a wide range of specialty distribution products and specialty pharmacy services, including customized delivery and shipping, product warehousing and logistics, and cold chain distribution.

Our inventory of available products for specialty distribution includes:

  • Oncology medicines, with a full line of products to support oncology needs.
  • Women’s health products, including family-planning products, fertility treatments, HPV vaccines and oral and injectable generic antibiotics and contraceptives.
  • Blood and plasma-derived products, including coagulation factors and immunoglobulins that require special handling.
  • A wide range of vaccines.
  • 340B-eligible products, including diabetic products, antibiotics, injectables, contraceptives, vaccines and nicotine replacement therapy.

Learn more about specialty distribution from H. D. Smith, and about our product offerings as a durable medical equipment supplier.

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    Kevin Sexton
    Danny's Drugs
    Oneida, TN
    H. D. Smith customer for 7 years

    “I am satisfied with my overall customer experience. My sales manager is a treasure and has helped me beyond words!”

    November 16, 2017

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    Christina Price
    Ray's Pharmacy
    Arlington, TX

    “My experience with customer service is that they ROCK! They are very courteous and helpful in every way. I like dealing with them because they take care of things on the spot. ”

    November 29, 2016

  • Excellent Service

    Gregory Ferraro
    Robert Jacobson Surgical Pharmacy
    Mount Kisco, NY
    H. D. Smith customer for 35 years

    “Inventory cant be beat, customer service is excellent, deliveries are dependable and returns are smooth. ”

    December 18, 2017

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