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For independent pharmacies, choosing the best prescription drug wholesaler can mean the difference between profit and peril. It’s more difficult today than ever before for independent pharmacies to survive and thrive. Competition from the big box retailers is fierce. Drug prices are constantly rising. And the pressure from DIR fees and pharmacy benefit managers continues to drive margins down.

Partnering with the right prescription drug wholesaler can make a difference by ensuring competitive prices on pharmaceuticals and wholesale pharmacy products. Traditionally, community pharmacies have turned to wholesalers don’t focus on helping independent pharmacies thrive to purchase brand name and generic medicine wholesale. But it’s tough for a community pharmacy to negotiate a competitive pharmaceutical wholesaler contract with a supplier who is more interested in offering steep discounts to their biggest customers – the big box chains.
When looking for a prescription drug wholesaler, more independent pharmacies today are finding better deals – and much better customer service – from an independent pharmacy wholesaler like H. D. Smith.

H. D. Smith: a prescription drug wholesaler for independent pharmacies.

H. D. Smith is one of the largest independent pharmaceutical wholesale distributors in the country, partnering with one in every six community pharmacies nationwide.
As a prescription drug wholesaler, we offer competitive pricing on both brand and generic pharmaceuticals, ensuring that independent pharmacies can win and keep customers by filling prescriptions effectively and cost efficiently. Our generic portfolio, PharmaGen, is one of the most robust generic portfolios in the market. And our QuickShip and PharmaGen Express services ensure that pharmacies can make new brand and generic pharmaceuticals available whenever customers need them.
In addition to serving as a prescription drug wholesaler to committee pharmacies, we are also a specialty pharmaceutical wholesaler. And we are proud to be the number one independent full-line pharmaceutical products wholesaler in the United States, providing community pharmacies with access to consumer products, pharmacy supplies, home healthcare needs and more.

Expect more from your prescription drug wholesaler.

For independent pharmacies, we’re much more than a prescription drug wholesaler – we also offer a suite of retail, management and technology solutions designed to help independent pharmacies profit and thrive. These include:

  • Management solutions for the financial, operational and quality aspects of the pharmacy business, providing tools to streamline processes and simplify administration.
  • Retail solutions for marketing and merchandising that can help to attract customers, increase margins, raise script volume and drive more traffic through the door.
  • Technology solutions that provide innovative tools to enhance productivity and increase efficiency.

Learn more about making H. D. Smith your prescription drug wholesaler.

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  • Customer Experience

    Kevin Sexton
    Danny's Drugs
    Oneida, TN
    H. D. Smith customer for 7 years

    “I am satisfied with my overall customer experience. My sales manager is a treasure and has helped me beyond words!”

    November 16, 2017

  • Exceptional Service

    Alennis Rivero, Pharmacy Tech
    Steven's Rx LLC
    Miami, FL
    H. D. Smith customer for 4 years

    “All I can say is that I have great sales reps that provide nothing but the best to their customers. The accounting department is also great and always helping customers get the best possible service”

    November 4, 2016

  • Never Too Busy to Help

    Brian Ambrefe
    Village Pharmacy
    Lynnfield, MA
    H. D. Smith customer for 2 years

    “No matter who I call and no matter how busy they are, I am always made to feel that I am the only thing that matters to customer service. Believe me, that goes way beyond the customer service of our previous suppler.”

    January 9, 2017

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  • Maria Valeriano

    Team Member Spotlight

    "Every day at H. D. Smith, I feel valued and respected. By far this is the best company I have ever worked for, and I cannot imagine ever finding a company that values its employees as much as H. D. Smith does.

    With its strong core values, family feel and employee development, there really is no better place to work."

  • Dannys Drugs

    Customer Spotlight

    “Customer service has always been wonderful – I speak to the same people every time who know me by name. I’ve never had a question or complaint that hasn’t been resolved in a reasonable amount of time.” - Kevin Sexton, PharmD, Co-owner, Danny’s Drugs 

    Danny's Drugs knows how to stand out and make an impact in its community. 

    Learn how it took the right business deal with a personal touch to solidify this rewarding partnership.

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