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Turning a profit in the retail pharmacy market is increasingly challenging. Independents face significant competitive threats from big box retail chains. Drug costs are continually on the rise while DIR fees and pharmacy benefit managers are exerting downward pressure on drug prices and profit margins.

For independent pharmacists, profitability often depends upon finding the right pharmacy solutions.
To thrive and succeed in this difficult landscape requires innovative pharmacy solutions that can help the independent pharmacy to manage the business more efficiently. Solutions that show how to increase pharmacy profits, that provide help with independent pharmacy branding or that simply share pharmacy best practices can mean the difference between a year where profits are up and a year where losses are big.
For many independent pharmacies, the innovative pharmacy solutions that are helping to improve profitability and productivity come from the one of the nation’s leading community pharmacy wholesaler – H. D. Smith.

H. D. Smith: a leading provider of innovative pharmacy solutions.

H. D. Smith has been committed to serving community pharmacies since 1954. Over the last six decades, we’ve provided independent pharmacists with access to highly competitive pricing on brand and generic drugs, consumer products, pharmacy supplies, specialty medicines and home healthcare products. Our reputation for excellent customer service is built on our customer-focused mission and on years of delivering value to our community pharmacy partners.

Because we understand that our success is dependent on the success of our independent customers, we have developed a wide range of pharmacy solutions that can help independents manage their businesses more effectively. These include:

  • Retail pharmacy solutions for merchandising and marketing that help independents compete with big box retailers for patient attention, front-end traffic, script volume and profit margins.
  • Technical pharmacy solutions that provide tools and resources to simplify ordering, data exchange, reporting, e-receiving, billing, retail price maintenance and management of pharmacy inventory turns.
  • Management pharmacy solutions that streamline administrative and financial tasks, bring greater efficiency to back-end operations, and support pharmacy quality outcomes.

Pharmacy solutions for purchase, sale and transition.

Our VentureRx pharmacy solutions help navigate the complex world of buying, selling and transitioning leadership of a community pharmacy. Our trusted specialists provide financial services, transition guidance and consulting services for branding, marketing, merchandising, store design and other programs to create a strong foundation and successful business.
Learn more about pharmacy solutions from H. D. Smith, and about our solutions for third-party logistics.

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  • Exceptional Service

    Alennis Rivero, Pharmacy Tech
    Steven's Rx LLC
    Miami, FL
    H. D. Smith customer for 4 years

    “All I can say is that I have great sales reps that provide nothing but the best to their customers. The accounting department is also great and always helping customers get the best possible service”

    November 4, 2016

  • Exceptional Service

    Mannie C.
    Mercy Pharmacy
    Brooklyn, NY

    “Our sales rep is AMAZING!! He truly goes above and beyond to make our ordering process seamless. Just wanted to take a moment to commend and thank H. D. Smith for providing us with such an amazing rep!”

    November 30, 2017

  • Excellent Service

    Gregory Ferraro
    Robert Jacobson Surgical Pharmacy
    Mount Kisco, NY
    H. D. Smith customer for 35 years

    “Inventory cant be beat, customer service is excellent, deliveries are dependable and returns are smooth. ”

    December 18, 2017

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    Team Member Spotlight

    "Every day at H. D. Smith, I feel valued and respected. By far this is the best company I have ever worked for, and I cannot imagine ever finding a company that values its employees as much as H. D. Smith does.

    With its strong core values, family feel and employee development, there really is no better place to work."

  • Dannys Drugs

    Customer Spotlight

    “Customer service has always been wonderful – I speak to the same people every time who know me by name. I’ve never had a question or complaint that hasn’t been resolved in a reasonable amount of time.” - Kevin Sexton, PharmD, Co-owner, Danny’s Drugs 

    Danny's Drugs knows how to stand out and make an impact in its community. 

    Learn how it took the right business deal with a personal touch to solidify this rewarding partnership.

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