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Choosing a pharmaceutical distributor is one of the most important decisions that independent pharmacy must make. At a time when competition from big box chains is fiercer than ever and profit margins continue to shrink, independents need a pharmaceutical distributor that can deliver deeply discounted pricing, excellent customer service and value-added benefits to help them profit and thrive.

Working with just any pharmaceuticals distributor no longer cuts it for most independent pharmacies. They need a supplier who can help streamline their pharmaceutical distribution for competitive pricing, better product access, and consultative business solutions. By using just any pharmaceutical distributor, independents might be missing out on opportunities to improve their profitability and stay competitive.
Fortunately, when partnering with a pharmaceutical distributor, independents have alternatives like H. D. Smith.

H. D. Smith: One of the largest pharmaceutical distributor for independents.

H. D. Smith is one of nation’s largest independent pharmacy distributor, providing products, services and programs to community pharmacies since 1954. Partnering with one in six independent pharmacies in the US, we work with more than 5,800 accounts nationwide, delivering the competitive pricing and customer service community pharmacies need to succeed.
Generics are one of our greatest strengths as a pharmaceutical distributor. Our generic portfolio, PharmaGen, is one of the most robust in the industry, providing the best possible coverage, quality, value and availability, along with profit margins of 40-60%. Our rapid distribution service, PharmaGen Express, ensures that independent pharmacies have constant access to significant new generic medicines. Additionally, we offer excellent pricing on brand and specialty pharmaceuticals, along with consumer products and pharmacy supplies.
We are also a NARCAN supplier, a durable medical equipment distributor, and a wholesale pharmaceutical distributor for home healthcare products, an increasingly important profit center for independent pharmacies.

More than a pharmaceutical distributor.

As a pharmaceutical distributor committed to serving the needs of independent pharmacies, we offer a variety of programs, solutions and technologies to help simplify and streamline the tasks of managing the pharmacy business. Our offerings include:
  • Management solutions for the operational, quality and financial aspects of running a pharmacy.
  • Retail solutions for marketing and merchandising that help to win new business and engage existing customers more effectively.
  • Technology solutions that simplify order management, improve data exchange and streamline reporting, billing and retail price maintenance.
Learn more about making H. D. Smith your pharmaceutical distributor.

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  • Customer Service

    Christina Price
    Ray's Pharmacy
    Arlington, TX

    “My experience with customer service is that they ROCK! They are very courteous and helpful in every way. I like dealing with them because they take care of things on the spot. ”

    November 29, 2016

  • Never Too Busy to Help

    Brian Ambrefe
    Village Pharmacy
    Lynnfield, MA
    H. D. Smith customer for 2 years

    “No matter who I call and no matter how busy they are, I am always made to feel that I am the only thing that matters to customer service. Believe me, that goes way beyond the customer service of our previous suppler.”

    January 9, 2017

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    With its strong core values, family feel and employee development, there really is no better place to work."