AUG. 26, 2014 (SPRINGFIELD, Ill.) – H. D. Smith, among the nation’s largest pharmaceutical wholesalers, today announced the winners of its annual Trading Partners of the Year award, honoring select pharmaceutical and health products manufacturers who collaborate actively to grow the industry and advance patient care. Each award category recognizes two winners, based on criteria including trade volume, trade policies, and overall sales, for excellence across each key H. D. Smith product area. This year’s Trading Partners of the Year are:

  • Brand and Specialty Pharmaceuticals: AstraZeneca and Eisai, Inc.
  • Generic Pharmaceuticals: Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Qualitest
  • Health, Beauty and Wellness Products: Geiss, Destin and Dunn, Inc. and The Emerson Group
  • Home Healthcare Products: First Quality and Allison Medical, Inc.

The awards were presented during the 2014 H. D. Smith National Sales and Management Conference, which emphasized the company’s position to partner and innovate within the ever-evolving healthcare industry  to ensure the nation’s specialty and retail pharmacies have access to products essential to patient health.

“H. D. Smith’s commitment to improving the quality, safety and cost of patient care goes hand-in-hand with building strong relationships with our industry partners,” said Chris Smith, president and chief operating officer of H. D. Smith. “Our mission and focus is providing best-in-class support for our manufacturing, pharmacy and health-system customers, and ultimately, the patients they care for across the country. Our connection with each trading partner is deeply valued, and because we know how much our partnership can benefit both organizations, we invite all trading partners to spend time with us each year. We collaborate and plan for the next year, together.”

The meeting highlighted the lasting relationships that exist with the company.

“Since our founding 60 years ago, H. D. Smith has been wholly committed to being a strategic companion to our trading partners,” said Dale Smith, chairman and chief executive officer of H. D. Smith. “The process of moving essential healthcare products from laboratory to a patients’ home, is intricate and critical to our nation’s health. Healthcare innovation, economics and patient needs demand that our company evolve constantly. Having a strong relationship with our trading partners makes it possible for us to meet that demand and support patient wellness. We plan to continue these powerful relationships for the next 60 years, and beyond.