H. D. Smith, the largest independent pharmaceutical wholesale distributor in the U.S., and a leading brand support company, today announced a new program to initiate and fully support the start-up, purchase, sale and related transition strategies of an independent or regional chain pharmacy. Dedicated to both the people and process involved in starting, buying and selling, VentureRx empowers pharmacy owners to shape the future of their business.

“Recognizing the amount of pharmacies closing or selling to large chains, H. D. Smith developed VentureRx to support its largest customer base—community pharmacies,” said Chris Smith, president and CEO of H. D. Smith. “However, VentureRx is here to serve independents, small chains, long-term care facilities, as well as specialty or compounding pharmacies. For more than 60 years, we’ve been focused on serving community pharmacies, and this program is another way we are aligning with our independent customers and supporting their success.”

In addition to financial services, pharmacists seeking assistance can also utilize H. D. Smith’s expertise in store branding, marketing, merchandising, managed care, and full front-of-store designs and programs to help create a strong foundation to a successful business. Pharmacists interested in this transitional assistance program can select from a variety of solutions based on their individual needs.

“We are passionate about the continued success of community pharmacists,” said Christian Herrington, vice president pharmacy strategies for H. D. Smith, who heads the VentureRx team. “That’s why we offer the variety of programs and solutions we do, many of which are designed for our current pharmacy customers.”

For more information, visit venture-rx.com