January 1, 2014 marked 60 years in business for H. D. Smith.

Nationally headquartered in Springfield, Illinois, H. D. Smith has grown from a drug wholesaler serving the independent pharmacies of central Illinois, to the largest privately held pharmaceutical wholesaler in the nation.

Opening for business in 1954, Henry Dale Smith started the company to meet the needs of an underserved region in central Illinois.

“I am extremely proud of how much the company has grown,” said Henry Dale Smith, H. D. Smith founder and chairman emeritus. “We began with one building, just me and two associates. In those early years, we did not have a fleet of trucks to deliver orders. Instead, we partnered with the local paper at the time, the Illinois State Register, which delivered pharmacy orders along with the afternoon newspaper.”

Throughout the decades, the healthcare industry has changed, and H. D. Smith has evolved to respond to those changes.

“We are continually joining forces with our customers and our trading partners in new ways that allow us to serve larger markets and more specialized needs,” said Dale Smith, H. D. Smith chairman and chief executive officer

“We have become much more than a wholesaler,” said Chris Smith, H. D. Smith president and chief operating officer. “The first 60 years of H. D. Smith’s history have given us a strong foundation, but I believe the best is yet to come.”

To celebrate with customers and trading partners alike, H. D. Smith’s corporate office hosted a 60th anniversary gala in October. The event took place at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois.