Next week, both the House and Senate will be adjourned and many members will be back in state meeting with constituents. NCPA is urging pharmacists to reach out to reach out to legislators during this recess and request a meeting in their state offices or invite them to tour your pharmacy.

Whether you meet with representatives in person or just reach out, urge them to support opening restrictive Medicare plans to any provider willing to accept contract terms and conditions.

You can find contact information for your legislators’ primary state office with the Find Your Legislator Tool on the NCPA Legislative Action Center.

While CMS may have caved to political pressure and chosen to not move forward with the any willing provider provisions of their proposed Medicare rule, independent pharmacy is not giving up the fight to level the playing field and provide pharmacy choice to Part D beneficiaries.

Tell your legislators to support any willing provider proposals in Medicare because:

  • CMS sees “weak data evidence that preferred pharmacy networks always leads to cost savings for beneficiaries and taxpayers”
  • CMS recommends that that best way to create additional savings in Medicare Part D is to promote competition by allowing any willing provider to participate as a “preferred pharmacy”
  • These proposals address access issues, particularly in rural areas, where beneficiaries may have to travel 30 miles a more to access a “preferred” pharmacy
  • These proposals allow seniors to choose pharmacies based on needs and service rather than being steered to a particular pharmacy based on cost sharing

Please relay any personal examples you have where your inability to participate as a preferred provider has harmed your patients or your pharmacy.

Please keep NCPA apprised of any meetings you have during the recess period. If you are unable to meet with your elected officials in person, please call their primary district office and relay the points above.

Thank you for your continued efforts to open restrictive Medicare plans to any willing provider.