Town Total offers traditional, compounding and specialty pharmacy with a commitment to patient care and personal service.

About Town Total

Serving areas within metro New York for nearly twenty five years, Town Total is a unique blend of traditional, compounding and specialty pharmacies. Driven by a goal for quality care, Town Total has evolved to meet the needs of patients, caregivers and prescribers in its community.

Town Total’s model focuses on account management with each clinic, physician office or prescriber with whom they partner. This dedicated service enables each of its accounts to benefit from clear communication, a smooth process and strong relationships.

Town Total truly partners with its prescribers to ensure each patient receives optimal care. This commitment is manifest through offerings such as free delivery and adherence packaging. Town Total also believes in personal follow up; each patient is contacted monthly to gauge the success of the treatment regimen.

The Decision

Town Total had been with its previous wholesalers since its inception, changing only when its wholesaler underwent an acquisition. The changing environment of healthcare caused its leadership to examine many of its programs and processes, also prompting a re-examination of partners. “We wanted to know if we were missing something.” said Joseph P. Navarra, R.Ph., Executive Vice President of Total Town Health and owner of Town Total Compounding. “We were really looking for a partnership – what could we bring to a wholesaler and what could a wholesaler bring to us?”

The bid process began in 2009. “We talked to four national and one regional wholesaler.” said Navarra. “We realized quickly that only two could likely meet our unique delivery requirements.” Town Total’s emphasis in specialty and compounding meant an inventory of high cost products with life-sustaining implications. “For business reasons, we keep a low inventory, so we need reliable and quick product procurement.”

H. D. Smith was ultimately selected based on service. A father/son partnership between John Navarra and Joseph Navarra, Town Total appreciated H. D. Smith’s accessibility and desire to truly collaborate with Town Total. “As a part of a family-owned business, we identify with H. D. Smith.” said Navarra. “Dale Smith (H. D. Smith CEO) visited during the proposal process. In most companies, not many executives will come see a single account.”

One of the unique challenges Town Total found during the proposal process was its brand to generic ratio. “H. D. Smith really worked to help us to show the value of our business as a high brand account.” said Navarra. He credits H. D. Smith’s unique culture for this willingness to partner with Town Total. “With H. D. Smith we have received more flexibility than we might from a larger wholesaler.”

The Relationship

During the conversion process, Town Total was pleased with H. D. Smith’s presence. “Transitions are always rocky,” said Navarra. “We were switching from what we knew to what we didn’t know. But people were always available. Our sales representative played a big part in the transition. She was always visible and continues to display that accessibility and proactivity to our pharmacy.”

Town Total is participating in H. D. Smith’s Third Party Network, Reconciliation and Electronic Funds Transfer. “The portal is great and will really help us track our checks.” Navarra stated. “The team really stepped up to help match solutions to many of our unique needs.  Some of which I am sure will help other customers.”

Service and support are ways H. D. Smith has demonstrated its commitment to Town Total.  “H. D. Smith really works well with us on a one-on-one basis.” said Navarra. “Customer Service is outstanding! Questions and concerns are addressed quickly and resolution is timely – often same day.”


With many years of success at its sails, Town Total is looking to the future with plans for continued growth. “We’re looking to expand into other areas.” Navarra shared. “We are branching into a compounding business that H. D. Smith has helped us to bundle into our purchasing volume.” Town Total is also exploring other services for their customer base.

H. D. Smith looks forward to supporting Town Total in its ventures, today, tomorrow and in the future.