Read how competitive pricing and a flexible contract were the driving forces behind St. Joseph Hospital's switch to H. D. Smith.

The Customer

Since 1908, St. Joseph Hospital has been cultivating a culture of care in its community of Nashua, New Hampshire. It has the strong reputation of not only providing outstanding patient care, but having a kind and generous character.

“As you walk through the doors, you really get that feeling of family and that you’re in a caring environment,” said Steven Klein, director of pharmacy at St. Joseph Hospital. “We’ve been here for so long, and we’re well-known for not only taking great care of our patients, but for doing a lot of good in the community – that’s what makes us so unique.”

With such a positive culture and reputation, it’s no surprise that some of the 30 pharmacists and techs at St. Joseph Hospital boast upwards of 20 to 40 years with the facility.

St. Joseph’s 200-bed facility provides care for a wide range of patients, with a special focus on oncology. Its home to a robust 18-chair outpatient infusion center that’s also served by its own specialty pharmacy. In addition, St. Joseph Hospital has an outpatient pharmacy that serves its employees and patients of the hospital.

The Deal

As the Director of Pharmacy, Steve oversees all pharmacy operations and finances. He was also tasked with selecting a new wholesaler when their previous contract expired.

Steve had previously selected H. D. Smith as a secondary supplier with a vision for future changes in mind. “I chose H. D. Smith as our secondary a few years ago because I wanted to look for something different, and I knew we could eventually do better down the road when our primary contract expired.”

After several months of vetting and a visit to the New England distribution center, Steve looked to H. D. Smith for a new opportunity.

“H. D. Smith truly stepped up to the plate,” said Steve. “Our previous wholesaler wouldn’t budge, but H. D. Smith gave us better pricing and a flexible contract, which was the driving force behind our switch.”

The Relationship

A primary customer since December 2014, St. Joseph Hospital has already experienced a noticeable change in several areas.

“Your customer service is the shining star of our relationship,” said Steve. “They always strive to do their best and go above and beyond to meet our needs – they really are just wonderful.”

Liz Simoneau, buyer for St. Joseph Hospital, echoes Steve’s sentiments.

“The customer service is one of the best I’ve ever had in my 35 years in this profession, with any wholesaler, and that’s been really refreshing for me,” she said. “From our sales rep, to customer service to the rest of the team at the distribution center, I can’t say enough good things about the outstanding level of customer service.”

Beyond exceptional customer service, St. Joseph Hospital enjoys an accessible, knowledgeable and hands-on sales rep.

“We see our rep once a week; he’s very seasoned and knows the business inside and out,” said Steve. “Together, our sales rep and customer service have been very helpful. There have been several occasions in which the H. D. Smith team has found creative solutions to some challenging situations for us, and that level of service has been worth its weight in gold.”

The Future

H. D. Smith looks forward to successfully serving St. Joseph Hospital and the patients of Nashua, New Hampshire for years to come.