Main at Locust Pharmacy differentiates itself with a creative, wide variety of services, products and programs. 

Meet Main at Locust

Main at Locust Pharmacy has been in Lisa Ploehn’s family for over three decades. As the current pharmacy manager and co-owner with her sister, Lisa has proudly carried on the family business since 1987.  After completing her education, Lisa moved home to the Quad Cities and had the opportunity to work under her father before he passed away a year later.  

Over the years, Lisa and her sister have built upon the vision of their father. They expanded the business to two long-term care pharmacies to take advantage of that growth opportunity in the community. Additionally, Main at Locust offers daily prescription delivery to area nursing homes, and its pharmacists provide consultative services to better manage patient medications and reduce unnecessary medications.

They have also broadened the portfolio of services including:

  • Medication therapy management
  • Compounding
  • Compliance packaging
  • INR testing
  • Cholesterol testing
  • Hormone therapy testing
  • Home healthcare
  • Drug and disease state counseling
  • Blood glucose testing
  • Bone density testing
  • Body fat analysis
  • Liver function testing
  • Diabetes testing

Main at Locust is the only independent pharmacy in the community, and its creative services give the pharmacy a distinct and valuable position. In addition, Main at Locust offers a full travel health clinic for vaccinations and a wellness center where patients can undergo various screenings and lab services.

Main at Locust also carries a full line of home healthcare products and medical equipment. “I think what makes us different from the other pharmacies in the area is our variety of services and products,” said Lisa. “We carry the hard-to-find items that our competitors just don’t have. We also take extra time with our patients – we try to go the extra mile for them, and I think that has helped us become a valuable resource to our community.”

Serving the Community

Unarguably the most generous service is the Freedom Pharmacy, a nonprofit located inside Main at Locust. Freedom Pharmacy participates in the Iowa Drug Donation Repository Program – a program administered by the Iowa Prescription Drug Corporation. Through a partnership with the Iowa Department of Public Health and the Iowa Collaborative Safety Net Provider Network, the program allows Iowans in need to receive medications and medical supplies for little or no cost.

Through the program, Main at Locust’s Freedom Pharmacy dispenses unused, donated medications from long-term care pharmacies to the uninsured or under-insured, low-income members of the community at no cost. The medications must be received in their original, sealed container or tamper evident packaging and are inspected by a pharmacist prior to re-dispensing.

“We’ve really utilized the service because it’s so good for the community,” said Lisa. “We’ve incorporated it into our daily workflow of patients – it does take extra time, but our patients really utilize and appreciate it. We’ve chosen not to charge co-pays so it’s not a profitable part of our business but simply gives back to our community.”

The Partnership

With such a wide range of services, products and program offerings, Main at Locust needed a reliable and flexible wholesale partner. Main at Locust began as a secondary customer but made the switch to primary three years ago when its previous wholesaler was no longer meeting its needs. “Our H. D. Smith sales representative always had a presence even when we were still a secondary customer,” said Lisa. “We saw him on a regular basis, which really helped when we had questions or issues that needed to be resolved.”

“The business went through some tough times when I first took over. When I called my previous primary wholesaler, they would often say there was nothing they could do,” said Lisa. “When we called H. D. Smith, we were able to work out our problems without losing money or turning patients away. Pricing was better through H. D. Smith, even when they weren’t our primary, and that aside, I’d rather give my business to someone who’s independent like we are.”

In addition to competitive pricing and responsive service from H. D. Smith, Main at Locust also values its flexible delivery schedule and the generous return policy. “I can’t tell you how big of a difference those things make,” said Lisa. “H. D. Smith was also instrumental in extending payment terms to allow us to grow our long-term care business.”

Main at Locust also values the drop ship option and easy-to-use ordering system. “Anytime we have an issue finding items in OrderBase Xpress, we can always call and be pointed to the right person,” said Lisa. “In general, the follow through is the biggest benefit with H. D. Smith – we always receive the attention we need.”

The Future

Main at Locust hopes to expand its already-growing business with additional opportunities in long-term care. “We’re looking for growth in nursing homes and adding new or unique store items – we’re always looking for the next thing,” said Lisa.

H. D. Smith looks forward to supporting Main at Locust as it expands its services, programs and product offerings for its community.