Danny's Drugs knows how to stand out and make an impact in its community. 

Danny’s Drugs is no stranger to competition. With four other independent pharmacies and two large chains within its market, co-owner Kevin Sexton knew Danny’s Drugs would have to distinguish itself to be successful. Founded by brothers Danny and Joe Cross in 1966, Danny’s Drugs is located in Oneida, Tennessee. To add an additional challenge, Scott County is one of the lowest income areas in the state.

Kevin Sexton began working at the pharmacy in 2001. Upon completion of pharmacy school in 2010, Kevin, together with Tess Laxton Smith, bought out the founding brothers and became co-owners of Danny’s Drugs. When Kevin took over the process of seeking and evaluating a new wholesaler, his goal was to find a partner that could offer him a market-competitive cost of goods. It was the personal connection with his H. D. Smith sales representative that got Kevin in the door, but it was the "right business deal" that eventually led Danny’s Drugs to become an H. D. Smith customer in April 2010.

“Beyond doing the routine sales rhetoric, my sales rep really took the time to set up a deal that made sense for our business,” said Kevin. “Besides really liking H. D. Smith as a company, our positive relationship has had a lot to do with our sales representative. He’s always gone above and beyond to help with our inventory and to do what’s best for our store. That’s why I’m still here.”

Danny’s Drugs has also been successful in a competitive market by setting itself apart with exceptional customer service. “We spend most of our time out with our patients,” said Kevin. “We know our patients by name, and we’ve worked hard to build and maintain a positive reputation in our community.”

A testament to the personal difference at Danny’s Drugs is the fact that the large chain that was once located across from the pharmacy has since closed. “We built our store across from a chain that was doing 200-250 prescriptions a day,” said Kevin. “A year and a half later, we’ve taken 90 percent of their patients, and it is no longer in business.”

In addition to offering timely medications through its Script Pro automation, Danny’s Drugs is a community health resource through diabetes education. Danny’s Drugs is also the first pharmacy in the area to offer compounding services.

Danny’s Drugs appreciates many aspects of being an H. D. Smith customer. From reliable deliveries, to customer support to retail pharmacy solutions, H. D. Smith is a valuable partner that helps Danny’s Drugs continue to offer quality care to its community.

“Customer service has always been wonderful – I speak to the same people every time who know me by name,” said Kevin. “I’ve never had a question or complaint that hasn’t been resolved in a reasonable amount of time, and I can’t say that about our previous wholesaler. Plus, just to be honest, I’m independent, and I’m not really interested in being partners with a company that’s not independent as well.”

Building on its success, Danny’s Drugs has plans for future growth and development. “We’re looking into some different software and other technologies to keep our business current,” Kevin said. “We want to be ahead of what the other pharmacies are doing – we want to be on the cutting edge instead of playing catch up.”

Kevin’s long-term goal is to branch out with additional stores, and has already been in discussion with his H. D. Smith sales team about these aspirations. H. D. Smith looks forward to partnering with and supporting Danny’s Drugs in all of its future endeavors.