Customer Reviews

Exceptional Customer Service Standards

Berkshire Community Pharmacy

Pittsfield, MA

“I very seldom ever have a problem with H. D. Smith. When I have an issue and I call customer service I always receive prompt and courteous service. They really outshine any other wholesaler's customer service team. Truly a great team of employees.”

Exceptional Service & Dependability

Eddie Test's Home Medical

Ringgold, GA
H. D. Smith customer for 12 years

“Exceptional Service! We have been in business 32+ years and dealing with the folks at H. D. Smith is absolutely-bar none- the best company I have dealt with. Their deliveries are invariably on time and a lot can be said for dependability. So often, we have customers who are waiting for an item when time is of the essence and H. D. Smith is right there!”

March 27, 2018

Excellent Service

Gregory Ferraro

Robert Jacobson Surgical Pharmacy
Mount Kisco, NY
H. D. Smith customer for 35 years

“Inventory cant be beat, customer service is excellent, deliveries are dependable and returns are smooth. ”

December 18, 2017

Exceptional Service

Mannie C.

Mercy Pharmacy Brooklyn, NY

“Our sales rep is AMAZING!! He truly goes above and beyond to make our ordering process seamless. Just wanted to take a moment to commend and thank H. D. Smith for providing us with such an amazing rep!”

November 30, 2017

Customer Experience

Kevin Sexton

Danny's Drugs
Oneida, TN
H. D. Smith customer for 7 years

“I am satisfied with my overall customer experience. My sales manager is a treasure and has helped me beyond words!”

November 16, 2017


Les Williams

Terry's Family Pharmacy Verona, NJ
H. D. Smith customer for 32 years

“We always receive an accurate delivery. There is never a shortage, and no question, there is never a mistake in the pick. The return system is the best, and again, no question how it works. Credits are also given so fast.”

February 3, 2017

Never Too Busy to Help

Brian Ambrefe

Village Pharmacy Lynnfield, MA
H. D. Smith customer for 2 years

“No matter who I call and no matter how busy they are, I am always made to feel that I am the only thing that matters to customer service. Believe me, that goes way beyond the customer service of our previous suppler.”

January 9, 2017

Customer Service

Christina Price

Ray's Pharmacy Arlington, TX

“My experience with customer service is that they ROCK! They are very courteous and helpful in every way. I like dealing with them because they take care of things on the spot. ”

November 29, 2016

Extraordinary Service

Jenny Dowhower, Pharmacy Buyer

Schneck Medical Center Seymour, IN
H. D. Smith customer for 62 years

“Our sales specialist has always gone above and beyond with our annual inventory process, but this week she went even higher. We have recently gone 340B, and she has helped keep my anxiety down and has been with us physically and on teleconferences. She's the best!”

November 8, 2016

Exceptional Service

Alennis Rivero, Pharmacy Tech

Steven's Rx LLC Miami, FL
H. D. Smith customer for 4 years

“All I can say is that I have great sales reps that provide nothing but the best to their customers. The accounting department is also great and always helping customers get the best possible service”

November 4, 2016