H. D. Smith CSOS System

Controlled Substance prdering is integrated with our ordering system. 

CSOS Certificate Test

If you have not already done so, a simple test is required to ensure your system is prepared.

  • Using Internet Explorer, visit e222.hdsmith.com
  • Ignore the login and instead click on “DEA Cert Test”
  • Enter your DEA number and submit - a list of signing certificates should appear
  • Select your DEA CSOS signing certificate from the list and click “OK”

Ensure your latest signing certificate appears in the list. If you don’t see your certificate, it might be installed on another computer. Follow the on-screen instructions to install your certificate on the desired computer. You will be prompted to install a simple “Digital Signature Plugin,” which is necessary to use your certificate with our new system. After installing the plug-in, repeat the test again. Upon completion, contact the H. D. Smith Technical Service Center to be activated.

Ready to Order? 

If you have previously completed the certificate test, you have already been activated. If you have just completed the certificate test, contact the Technical Service Center to be activated. 

Ordering controlled substances within OrderBase Xpress is as simple as: 

  • From the Purchase Order drop down, select *CII.
  • Search for your desired item and add the item to your Purchase Order.
  • Within the Purchase Order menu, select “Send”.
  • A prompt to submit your order will appear. The Confirmation Number will automatically appear as the Purchase Order Number in the text box. The Purchase Order Number may be renamed with alpha numeric characters. The use of CSOS, CII, C2, spaces, punctuation and special characters in the Purchase Order name will result in an error message.
  • Select “Continue”.
  • A certificate window will appear. Select your desired certificate and click “Ok”.
  • A confirmation message will appear.
  • Your order will be processed and appear in the Purchase Order History page, usually within an hour.
  • To view, print or receive your order, select "Access CSOS" from the OrderBase Xpress menu - double click your DEA number and choose "Sent Orders".

Questions? Contact the H. D. Smith Technical Service Center:

Email: helpdesk@hdsmith.com    |     Phone: 866.210.3422

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