Place your controlled substances order using H. D. Smith's electronic software product, the e222 Controlled Substance Ordering System.

Step 1

Apply for and obtain a CSOS digital certification from the DEA.  To apply, go to the DEA's website at  The CSOS digital certificate is required to sign up for the CSOS software below.

Step 2

After obtaining your CSOS digital certificate, fill out the form below.  Complete the account information exactly as it was completed when applying for your certificate.  This information is case sensitive and must be identical to the information contained within your CSOS digital certificate.

Important Notice 

Customer is solely responsible for protecting the data that is created from using the CSOS software (“CSOS Data”) and must have a dependable backup solution in place from the first day of operation. H. D. Smith cannot provide or reconstruct this information for you. If the CSOS data becomes corrupted or inaccessible, you will be required to reload the software, and then restore the data to the new computer/hard drive from your own backups. H. D. Smith does not have the necessary files to be able to do this for you and cannot recreate them from sales history files. To learn more about your obligation to maintain your CSOS data, please visit the DEA’s website at